#getpaid with Ukheshe

Ukheshe is a micro transaction platform that allows you to pay and #getpaid. It’s unlike any eWallet or QR payment service as it works with your lifestyle, not the other way around. Ukheshe is now Masterpass certified which means it can accept payment from Zapper and most banking apps. Just look out for the Masterpass logo.

Safe and secure money transfers

By scanning an Ukheshe QR code, you can send money to the cardholder from anywhere at any time. The cardholder can then draw cash or check balances by dialling *120*82274#

Redeem Cash at any Pick 'n Pay

Money can be withdrawn at Pick n Pay stores nationwide or goods can be paid for directly. Simply present the Reference Number you requested via USSD or the app.

No Bank Account Needed

The Ukheshe card holder does not need a bank account. Once they have activated their uKheshe QR code with their cell phone number, they are ready to accept payments and pay for goods.

Small Signs of Gratitude
No Longer Require Coins

We've all been there, you'd like to reward your card guard or just help someone in need but you don't have coins or any cash to do so. Ukheshe makes it easy to pay anyone by simply scanning their QR card. Ukheshe QR cards are free and can be ordered online for you to distribute to those you'd like to help. You can even hand out prepaid Ukheshe cards.

Ukheshe User Profiles

How to pay someone with Ukheshe

  • Install the Ukheshe app

    The Ukheshe app is available on Android Play and the App Store.

  • Configure your payment method

    Add your credit card details in the Ukheshe app.

  • Scan and Pay

    Simply select the amount you wish to tip or pay, then scan someone's Ukheshe card.

  • Share Ukheshe

    You can order and share prepaid Ukheshe cards to those you'd like to help. All they need is a basic cell phone to register via USSD.

What is the 
Ukheshe Card?

The Ukheshe Card features a QR code that is linked to the user's cell phone number and will enable them to receive payments from anyone scanning the code with the Ukheshe app. The owner of an Ukheshe QR  card does not need a smartphone or a bank account. All they do is dial *120*82274# and follow the USSD prompts to view their balance or withdraw the money. Money can be withdrawn at Pick n Pay till points nationwide.

How to get an 
Ukheshe Card?

All you need to do to get your Ukheshe card is email us at info@ukheshe.co.za. Businesses or community groups who would like to make use of Ukheshe, please also get in contact with us and let us know how you'd like to use Ukheshe. You can also buy pre-loaded cards from our online shop.


Introducing Ukheshe Life


The Ukheshe cash card with added benefits

The Ukheshe Life Benefits card let’s you provide health and accidental insurance cover to your staff, even those who do not have a bank account. With Ukheshe Life you get R5 000 funeral cover and a private hospital guarantee. Should an accident occur, there is R100 000 accident and emergency as well as R100 000 death and disability benefit.

Order your FREE virtual Ukheshe Life card today!

with Ukheshe Life you'll get instant activation for a range of Hospital & Life Benefits

API for Developers

We are proud to announce that the Ukheshe API is now available. Our API will allow organisations to incorporate Ukheshe in new and innovative ways. The Ukheshe API can be used to integrate POS and eCommerce applications. It can even be integrated in to your company's Payroll. 

For more information and to apply for access to the Ukheshe API, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about uKheshe, if you'd like to know more, please get in contact.

uKheshe let's you do quick payments to anyone, anywhere. Easily pay your gardener, house keeper or car guard, best of all, they don't need a bank account.

  • Where can I get an uKheshe QR card?

    You can get an uKheshe card by emailing cards@ukheshe.co.za. You can also get a virual uKheshe card by registering via the app or USSD number: *120*82274#

  • How much does it cost to use uKheshe?

    For the next 90 days during this unsettled time, all transactions that happen through Ukheshe will be free. No costs will be charged for withdrawals or payments. Normally, withdrawing will cost R5 and paying for goods costs R2. There is also a R5 p/m uKheshe card fee, payable on cards with a positive balance. These fees will return at a later stage, check back to see for changes.

  • How do I receive money?

    There are two ways you can get paid with uKheshe. (1) The person paying you must have the uKheshe app installed on their smartphone. Once they have linked their credit card to the app and topped up, they’ll be able to select an amount to pay. (2) You can receive money from another uKheshe card via USSD. The other person can simply dial *120*82274# and press menu option 3 then follow the prompts.

  • How does an uKheshe card holder draw cash?

    To withdraw money from your uKheshe card, simply generate a cash token via USSD by dialling *120*82274# and select option 1. Alternatively, if you have a smartphone you can use the app to generate a token. Then simply visit your nearest Pick n Pay till point and present them with your Reference Number (it starts with the number 1 e.g. 196792876).

  • How do I pay for goods?

    To pay for goods at Pick n Pay with your uKheshe card, generate a goods token via USSD by dialling *120*82274# and selecting option 1. Alternatively, if you have a smartphone you can use the app to generate a token. Then simply visit your nearest Pick n Pay till point and present them with your goods Reference Number when you need to pay (it starts with the number 2 e.g. 289896237). If your token is worth more than the goods then the remainder will go back into your uKheshe card.

  • Can I give a preloaded uKheshe card?

    Yes, you can, simply visit our online shop to order preloaded cards. You can also preload an unregistered card from your app. Simply select a value you want to pay then scan the uKheshe QR code to load money before you hand it out.

  • How many cards can be linked to a cellphone number?

    Only 1 uKheshe card can be linked to a cell phone number.

  • How much does an uKheshe card cost?

    You can collect them for free at uKheshe authorised dealers or visit the uKheshe Shop to order your card packs.

  • Why don’t I just use my banking app?

    uKheshe is aimed at people who either (1) do not have a bank account but still want a way to digitally send and receive money. or (2) People who have a bank account but seldom carry cash and need to pay people who do not have a bank account. Besides, using uKheshe is much cheaper to use and more convenient.

  • What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

    When you register a card, you get an SMS with a recovery password. Store the password safely. If you lose your card, then get a new one and dial *120*82274# and select option 4. You can enter the new card number and recovery password to move your balance to the new card.

  • What happens if my phone is stolen or lost or I change my phone number?

    When you register a card, you get an SMS with a recovery password. Store the password safely. If you change your phone number, then on your new phone number, dial *120*82274# and use option 2. You can enter your old phone number and recovery password and this will update your profile to the new phone.

  • Is uKheshe secure?

    Yes, the money on your uKheshe card is secure and does not expire. It is up to you to ensure that your phone remains in your possession and that it is pin protected. Your phone is the key to your account. No one can access your money if they get hold of your card alone.

  • Do I need an uKheshe Card if I have a smartphone?

    No, you don't. You can install uKheshe from your smartphone's app store and register. Both Android and iOS is supported. You will get a virtual card number allocated to you which is visible in the app under the Get Paid button or in your profile.

  • Can I receive money if I use the uKheshe App?

    Yes, simply click on the Get Paid button on the uKheshe app and show the person paying you your QR code. Alternatively, send them your uKheshe card number, they can send money to you by dialling *120*82274# and selecting option 3.

  • Do I need to install the app?

    Not really. The App is great for paying someone quickly and easily by simply scanning their uKheshe QR code. You can also use the USSD menu option by dialling *120*82274# and selecting option 3 to send money. If you pay often, we recommend using the app. It will allow you to save the card numbers you pay regularly.

  • Can I have the App and a card?

    Yes, you can. When you register on the App there is an option to enter a physical card number as opposed to generating a virtual card number. If you already have a card registered on USSD and want to start using the App then sign up on the App and we will pick up your existing card number as its linked to your phone already.

  • Can I get a card if I registered on the App first?

    Yes, once you have the card you want to use, dial *120*82274# and select option 4. There you will be able to change your virtual card number to the new card number. You will need your recovery password you received by SMS when you registered for uKheshe.

  • Are there limits on how much one can transfer or withdraw on uKheshe?

    There are no limits nor charges when transferring between uKheshe wallets. You can withdraw up to R3,000 a day and R24,000 a month from Pick n Pay.

  • How can I advertise an uKheshe QRCode on a poster, screen or billboard?

    In the uKheshe App, Click on the option to GET PAID. There you can share your QRCode by email, WhatsApp etc. Email it to yourself and print it as large as you need. If you are a charity, why not put it on a billboard for passers by to donate!

  • How do I participate in the uKheshe Influencer Program?

    The uKheshe Influencer program was developed to help anyone make money by promoting uKheshe. For more information, please visit the Influencer program Page.

Still have a question? Reach out to us: info@ukheshe.co.za

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