About Ukheshe

Ukheshe means cash in Zulu and allows you to pay anyone who has an Ukheshe QR card, best of all they don’t need a bank account and you don’t need cash handy.

The app was developed in 2018 and founder, Jason Penton first conceptualised Ukheshe when he needed to pay someone who did not have a bank account, and he did not have cash handy. “Ukheshe was developed to provide the easiest and cheapest way to pay someone for services or to leave a tip for great service.” says Penton. “The recipient does not need a bank account, a simple cell phone capable of USSD will suffice.

Ukheshe is made up of two parts, the app which the payer installs on their smartphone, and the QR card that the recipient has linked to their cell phone number.

uKheshe let's you do quick payments to anyone, anywhere. Easily pay your gardener, house keeper or car guard, best of all, they don't need a bank account.

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