Ukheshe API

The Ukheshe API will allow seamless 3rd party integration with the Ukheshe platform. If you would like to make use of
the Ukheshe API, please complete the application form below.

Open and Feature Rich
Entire ReST API used by the App is available to third parties to integrate Ukheshe features and functionality into their own offerings.

Safe and Secure
Fully Encrypted and all API access requires authentication. Industry standard JWT tokens for authentication and authorisation.

eCommerce Ready
API allows for any web site or POS to use Ukheshe as a payment mechanism for purchases. Single API call to request payment, followed by a callback when users Accepts/Rejects payment. Also allows merchant refunds.

Plug in to the Ukheshe Shop
Ukheshe In-App Shop designed to plug in external online retailers and vendors to grow the Ukheshe ecosystem. Simple API for shops to request payment in Ukheshe

Payroll Integration
Bulk transfer API for simple fully auditable payroll integration via Ukheshe.


Developer API Access

If you would like access to the Ukheshe API, please view the documentation repository over here: uKheshe API.

uKheshe let's you do quick payments to anyone, anywhere. Easily pay your gardener, house keeper or car guard, best of all, they don't need a bank account.

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