uKheshe Payment Solutions is an authorised financial services provider, FSP 45133. No telephone calls, activations or marketing of Life or Health cards should be construed as providing financial advice or intermediary services. In the event that you wish to compare products, cancel an existing product or require financial advice, please contact the support line 010 444 0040 and request to speak to an accredited FAIS Representative or the Key Individual. In the event that you feel you have been provided advice, correctly or incorrectly, please refer to the Complaints Policy for the complaints officer details and process to follow.

uKheshe Payment Solutions is committed to complying with  FAIS legislation and therefore the following policies are available:

Ukheshe TCF Policy 

Ukheshe COI Management Policy

Ukheshe Complaints Management Policy

Ukheshe POPIA Policy

Representative Statutory Disclosures

Representative’s Section 13 letter of authority

Ukheshe FAIS Disclosure

Ukheshe Policy Document

uKheshe let's you do quick payments to anyone, anywhere. Easily pay your gardener, house keeper or car guard, best of all, they don't need a bank account.

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