The Ukheshe Life Card

R5000 Funeral Grocery Benefit | Private Hospital Guarantee | R100 000 accident and emergency cover | R100 000 death and disability benefit

uKheshe Life Provides you with the essential cover your staff needs

The Ukheshe Life Benefits card lets you provide health and accident insurance cover to your staff, even those who do not have a bank account. With Ukheshe Life you get a R5000 funeral grocery benefit and a private hospital guarantee. Should an accident occur, there is
R100 000 accident and emergency as well as
R100 000 death and disability benefit.

In case of emergency, we have a 24/7 phone line:

How does Ukheshe Life Work?

Ukheshe Life offers you all of the features that the normal Ukheshe QR card does but it also includes added Hospital & Life benefits for the card holder. These benefits are instantly activated when you sign-up your Ukheshe Life card the first time. The monthly cost for an Ukheshe Life card is R60 and is deducted automatically from the user’s Ukheshe wallet. The Ukheshe Life card is ideal for you or your staff. Not only can you use it to pay someone but
the user will receive all these benefits which includes accident cover, should anything happen on the job or at home. 

Ukheshe Life Card Benefits

Ukheshe Life

What's included with your Hospital & Life Benefits cover
R 60 per month
  • R100 000 Accidental Death and Disability Cover
  • R100 000 Accident Emergency Cover
  • R5 000 Funeral Grocery Benefit
  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Service
  • #GetPaid easily with your own Masterpass QR code
  • Send money to any uKheshe user for free
  • FREE Card Delivery

How Do I Claim?

When activating your uKheshe Life benefits, make sure your loved ones know that you have done so and provide them the information they may need, as set out below. We are here to help so contact us via email at  or call us on 010 444 0040

To claim against your Ukheshe benefits please ensure you have the following documents based on your claim type: 


Life cover claim

  • -Certified copy of death certificate
  • -Certified copy of insured person’s ID
  • -Certified copy of the beneficiary’s ID
  • -Completed death claim form
  • -Completed medical report

Funeral cover claim

  • -Certified copy of death certificate.
  • -Certified copy of insured person’s ID
  • -Certified copy of the beneficiary’s ID
  • -Completed funeral claim form
  • -DHA1663 – notification of death register
  • -Claimant/Beneficiary 1 month bank statement

Disability cover claim

  • -Certified copy of insured person’s ID
  • -Completed claim form
  • -Completed medical report form together with copies of any specialist reports and investigations relating to the claim cause

We also have the right to ask for additional supporting information from time to time. For example, if the insured person dies within the first 2 years we might need the following additional information:

  • -Police report / statement completed by the police
  • -Copy of the post-mortem report.
  • -Result of any forensic laboratory investigations
  • -Inquest findings (if appropriate)
  • -Full verdict in the case of a murder (if appropriate)

This policy is marketed and distributed by Loyalty Life Management Services Pty (Ltd) an authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP46160 and Underwriting Agency for Genric Insurance Company Limited.

The underwriter of this policy is Genric Insurance Company Limited an authorised Financial Service Provider, FSP43638 and a registered Short-term Insurer. They are ultimately responsible for paying any claims on uKheshe policies. uKheshe and Genric depend on you and your beneficiaries to be completely truthful both in your original application, and during the claims process.

If you are not absolutely truthful, or don’t disclose all relevant information, or misrepresent information to us, Genric has the right to cancel your policy, or change the terms of your policy.

If your claim is based on false or incomplete information, Genric won’t pay the claim. If, after Genric pays any claim, Genric finds that it was based on false or incomplete information, all claim payments will have to be refunded to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need Ukheshe Life?

    The Ukheshe Life card offers you all of the functionality of the regular Ukheshe QR card but also provides your staff with the essential cover they need, on the job or at home. These Hospital & Life benefits cover the card holder and are activated instantly registering your card.

  • What is the difference between the Ukheshe card and the Ukheshe Life card?

    Both Ukheshe cards allow users to accept card payments from any Mastercard Masterpass enabled app and allow you to transfer and withdraw money easily. The uKheshe Life card also comes with added benefits, including Funeral grocery benefit, Accidental Death and Disability Cover and Accident and Emergency Cover. For a complete list of benefits, please see the section 'How Do I Claim' on this page.

  • How do I sign-up for Ukheshe Life?

    You can order your Ukheshe Life Card from the Ukheshe Shop. Or you can upgrade your normal orange Ukheshe card to the black Ukheshe Life card by dialling *120*82274# and selecting option 7 "Upgrade card". Activate the Ukheshe Life card on the user’s mobile phone by dialling *120*82274# When the card is activated, scan the QR code to pay a minimum amount of R60 to initiate cover.

  • What if I have existing insurance cover?

    The Ukheshe Life card benefits are complimentary to your existing policies and will payout along with any existing policies you may already have. We do not recommend that you cancel insurance policies at any time.

  • Can I use the Ukheshe Life card to pay someone's salary?

    Yes, Ukheshe Life features all the same features as the regular Ukheshe card. You can scan to pay the QR code with any Mastercard Masterpass enabled app including Zapper and the following banking apps; Nedbank, Standard Bank, Absa, Capitec and FNB. You can also make recurring payments via the Ukheshe app too, this way you don’t need to scan the card every time.

  • Do I need to make a payment to the card to activate it?

    Yes, to enable the Hospital & Life Benefits a minimum payment of R60 needs to be made to the card. Once activated, a payment of R60 per month will be automatically deducted from the card.

  • Am I still covered if there is no money on the Ukheshe Life Card?

    To ensure cover, a positive balance needs to be maintained on the uKheshe Life Card. Should the monthly benefits payment be rejected, the user will have 30 days to load money on to the card before cover will lapse.

  • How do I make a claim?

    Please have a look at the How Do I Claim section on this page for a list of requirements and forms that are required to make a claim. You can also contact or call 010 444 0040 for assistance.

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