uKheshe, Nedbank, Mastercard offer free transactions for grant disbursements during Covid-19

CAPE TOWN –In anticipation of millions of recurring grant recipients over the next three- to six-month period, micropayment platform uKheshe, together with its key strategic partners, Mastercard and Nedbank, has announced that the uKheshe platform will be free to users during Covid-19 for a 90-day period.

uKheshe chief executive and founder Clayton Hayward said this move was aimed at assisting NGOs and government departments looking for an alternative, cost-effective solutions for mass disbursements.

Hayward said the platform was uniquely aimed at facilitating micro-payments with a broader objective to address financial inclusion across Africa.

“This makes us a perfect solution to the current crisis of grant disbursements. Not only do we offer a touchless payment facility, we also address key challenges such as a simple and easy to use the system, but that is also accessible and includes an effective cash-out mechanism. While, importantly, the platform is also extremely safe and secure,” he said.

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