Ukheshe offers free transactions for grant disbursements during Covid-19

Clayton Hayward, CEO and founder of Ukheshe, says that the platform is uniquely aimed at facilitating micro-payments with a broader objective to address financial inclusion across the continent: “This makes us a perfect solution to the current crisis of grant disbursements. Not only do we offer a touchless payment facility, we also address key challenges such as a simple and easy to use system, that is accessible and includes an effective cash-out mechanism. While, importantly, the platform is also extremely safe and secure.”

What makes Ukheshe unique, according to Hayward, is its ability to offer both Peer to Peer (P2P) and Peer to Merchant (P2M) transactions: “You can register via app, USSD or WhatsApp, making it universally accessible. It means that you can pay and get paid via the platform with no bank account, you just need a mobile phone.”

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